See your soul:   

   Get a painting from the energy of your soul

How does this work?

You give me the order and permission to paint the energy of your soul. I do not know your soul! But the energetic field knows it and will give the information that is necessary for you now.

I don't have to think about this. I only have to listen carefully to what the painting wants to be like. Actually I do not know why this painting has to look like this. For me it's a mystery. I am always very touched when a client immediately understands the meaning of the painting.
Do you have the true and deep desire to understand more of your soul? What is it asking from you, what does it want to do for you?
If you are interested I would like to share my experience with soulpaintings face to face. Get in touch!
I create this soulpainting as a piece of art and the work needs around 20-30 hours.

Price: € 2.000

If necessary we can figure out how to pay in a way which is good for the body and soul. Sometimes I have a special offer for people with a small pocket.